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Testimonial - Michelle Afaleq who passed her driving test with only one driver error!


"When I started driving I was absolutely petrified, I had tried 2 other instructors previously, both of which didn't help at all. After the first lesson I felt comfortable with Karen and she was extremely good at calming me down. Don't get me wrong the fear didn't go completely go away, however, Karen always pushed me a little which was exactly what I needed. I had to pass my driving test for work purposes which I explained before I started lessons, Karen always ensured I had the hours I needed every week and I passed within the time period I set. I really would recommend Karen to anyone, she is a fab teacher and very reliable. Thanks again karen xxx "

Driving lessons carlisle, driving lessons in carlisle

Testimonial - Craig Hanson


"Like many other learners, I was very nervous on the day of my first lesson; not knowing what to expect or how well I'd pick things up. I was worried about being pushed too hard, or having somebody screaming at me for doing some tiny thing wrong.

All my concerns were put to rest the moment I got behind the wheel.

Karens ability to understand learners, empathise with their concerns, and play to their strengths made my first day so much better. I was taken to a quieter road where I felt more comfortable and was able to go through the basics at my own pace. Karen is able to encourage you to do the best you can, without putting you in to situations where you feel uncomfortable. Every lesson I had was positive and fun.

I said more than once during my lessons that I didn't think I'd ever enjoy driving, but now I can't help but smile when I get behind the steering wheel. I have no doubt Karen is to thank for that.

If you're looking for a kind and understanding instructor who will encourage you to be the best driver you can be, then I would recommend Karen in an instant."

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Testimonial - Suzanne Park

Karen is a great teacher who provided an equal balance of progression and comfort to all of my driving lessons. From the start of every lesson Karen quickly put me at ease and also helped me to learn from my mistakes with constructive criticism. I looked forward to every driving lesson with Karen, as she never pressured or rushed me into anything that I was not comfortable with. Instead she went through all manoeuvres thoroughly, with diagrams and demonstrations, so that I fully understood everything. Karen was very flexible with her lessons and worked around my school timetable, so that I was able to maintain a regular amount of practice before my test. Karen is an enthusiastic, friendly and reliable teacher who I would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you Karen for making me a safe and confident driver! x

Testimonial - Holly Banks


"I'm so glad I chose Karen as my driving instructor. Before I had begun my driving lessons I felt really nervous about learning to drive but Karen was so lovely and friendly that she made me feel relaxed and comfortable with her and all my nerves went out of the window.

Everything I learned from Karen gave me so much confidence in myself to drive and to be a safe driver. She was professional, gave me advice and explained everything clearly so that I was never confused about anything.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my lessons with Karen and would very highly recommend her!"




Learning to drive is one of the best things you'll ever do, gain your independence and improve your job prospects by gaining this valuable life skill. Whether you're limited to jobs served by bus routes or want to learn so you can take the kids on a fun day out, call now to start your journey to freedom.


All our driving lessons are tailored to your needs, whether you want hourly, 2 hourly or intensive driving courses, we are flexible to fit in with your schedule, including offering sunday lessons. All driving lessons taught by a friendly, professional female driving instructor based in Harraby, Carlisle but serving all surrounding areas.


We are pass plus registered too, and if you are aged 17-24 you can get a £100 voucher towards your pass plus driving course, which means you only have to pay for one hour of the 6 hours of driving lessons required for the certificate. The course includes urban driving, rural driving, night time and all weather driving, aswell as dual carriageway and motorway lessons. Once completed, when you send off your certificate you can get a discount on your insurance in addition to the extra experience. Click here or on the pass plus logo for more details on the course. Please check our rates and services page for details on how to claim the £100 voucher.


All driving lessons are structured so you can see your progress and you will receive good quality, fun, professional tuition that's great value for money. We want you to enjoy learning to drive and become a safe driver who feels confident on the roads.





Testimonial - Patience Spour


"I'd never sat behind the wheel of a car before but on my first driving lesson with Karen, she made me feel completely at ease, no pressure, she has an amazing ability to empathise with the learner. As i started progressing through my lessons she was very patient with myself, a great balance of constructive criticism and praise so you know exactly what you're doing wrong and what you're doing right! Karen explains things thoroughly and easily, recognising your abilities and teaching accordingly! I thoroughly enjoyed my learning/driving experience with Karen and i would recommend her to any learner driver in a heartbeat! Thank you for giving me the pleasure of having you as my instructor."

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Driving Instructors in Carlisle

Testimonial - Frankie Scott who passed her driving test first time with NO faults!


Arriving for my first driving lesson I was very nervous, as most learners are. I was quickly put at ease, being taken to a quiet area to get to grips with the basics. The atmosphere is light hearted and friendly making lessons enjoyable! Karen was a fantastic teacher, allowing you to learn at your own pace, pushing you just enough so that you're always progressing! I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Karen and I would have no doubt in recommending her to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Testimonial - Debbie Downie


After having to change driving instructors, I chose to go with Karen. Straight away I knew I had made the right choice. Karen is not only a lovely woman, she has great patience and makes you feel at ease in all situations that may arise in driving lessons. Karen keeps you calm and relaxed at all times, I was a nervous driver which showed in my driving tests, Karen never let me give up even when I wanted to...then, finally, I did it! I passed! Karen always believed in me. I have now had 9 years of safe driving, down to Karen's instructor skills. My daughter recently turned 17 and I knew right away who she was going to learn to drive with...yes, Karen!

Testimonial - Nick Cole


Learning to drive with Karen was the best thing I did. Karen made the lessons all the easier with her friendly and relaxed nature. Karen worked around my busy work schedule and other commitments, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone...in fact, I am! If you have to wait to get in, its worth waiting!

Testimonial - Alan Bell


As a citizen of advanced years the thought of starting to drive in my forties was quite a daunting undertaking. However, after the first couple of lessons with Karen I began to feel relaxed and my confidence 'behind the wheel' grew and quite quickly became second nature. Her relaxed but thorough instruction manner coupled with her friendly nature made the experience quite pleasurable and I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone of any age who is thinking about learning to drive. It turned what can generally be perceived as a 'bit of an ordeal' into a very enjoyable journey.

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